Imvu hack 2013

"IMVU hack" "IMVU hack 2013" "hack"
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Whoa , IMVU hack tool 2013 stunning !

“Is it good to have unlimited amount of money in IMVU ? “
“Why IMVU hack tool is good to people with no money ?”
“The truth about hacks are painful for IMVU company, does IMVU company loosing money ? “

Its true what they say , money separate people, same happens in IMVU game.
People with VIP status are higher in IMVU hierarchy, they have money, they rules !
What about gamers who don’t have money, what about you ?

Its time to reveal IMVU hack tool – credits adder.

Its 2013 (free auto updating) , solutionhacks has release IMVU hack tool , that hack any browser and add credits to hacked IMVU account (yours). This tool can gain money any time , it need only few minutes to tweak flash memory whatever browser you chose.

Hack imvu , add money – save money. Starting from 5 euro , end up with 200 euro.

Lets see instructions :

  • First thing lets fire up IMVU webhacker 

"IMVU hack" "IMVU hack 2013" "hack"



  • Chose your currently browser that you wanna hack , (use exactly same for log in to IMVU). 

In this case solutionhacks did Chrome



Now if everything goes ok ,then next Hacking tool will pop up.


If u success with hacking browser then next step is to copy URL and paste into white box.


  • Next add URL from your browser, you need to be log in IMVU.

IMVU credits hack


If you succeed then this info box will pop up :

Hack reports

Please rate this hack !


If u have still problems with using it, watch video bellow.

That its, you should receive amount that chose. Links for download below:


Watch Video Tutorial How to Download : 

IE-download-tutorial-solutionhacks.euAfter setting up your Internet Explorer settings, please close and open again.Do one quick suervey, thank youadmin.


          Mirror Download


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12Comments 25 April 2013

This site has a lot good information on it, I check on it whenever I’m online. I wish other sites spent as much time as this one does making information clearer to readers like myself. I recommend this site to all of my facebook friends. This site will make some massive passive profit I’m sure.

Jaman 26 April 2013

When i added 50 000 credits i receive 30 000 . WTF ?

derek 06 May 2013

Somehow i just rolled when i added 50k into my account. I was laying on the floor , and my heart ratio was like 230.

Thank you for this kind pleasure …

hose 07 May 2013

i just wanna have fun @@

remi 10 May 2013

I could only 1 time add money …how to do it again ?

valeriastan1990 11 May 2013

I am playing 3rd day with new account and hacked credits. Love it…so far ^^

gifts for men 05 July 2013

Awsome site! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also.

Slug 21 July 2013

Nice work, i can donate to your website if you want ?


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